Justin Maller Releases Coolest Yoda Wallpaper Ever!


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Oct 6, 2011
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Justin Maller is pretty well known for his "Helmetica" series of artwork. He started gaining a pretty large amount of notoriety several years ago after MKBHD starting featuring his work in the background of all of his videos. He uses shading and glyphs to produce some pretty unique images. His most famous art work is of his take on different pop culture figures like Captain America, Hulk, Darth Vader, and Iron Man. His latest creation has to be one of the coolest renditions of Jedi Master Yoda ever! Today he released this for free download! It works as a wallpaper for any resolution smartphone or PC. He is also offering a 10% discount off purchases made from his shop. Grab this wallpaper at the link below.

via JustinMaller.com