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Feb 16, 2011
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Spring Hill, TN
So.... I'm sitting here at home...... by a pretty cool chain of events I ended up with a brand spankin' new RAZR Maxx AND a brand spankin' new Galaxy Nexus!!! Long story. :happy3: I followed the links from droidmodderx's website and tried to root the Nexus with Wug's Root Tool Kit but the PnpUtil was corrupted and I could not not get the hacks to work. Superboot would not even work. So..... I am using the RAZR now and I must say, it is absolutely a better looking phone overall, with both graphics and design. I have the RAZR rooted and JRummy's Toolbox Pro running (which runs flawlessly btw). I am just sketchy about soft bricks and such without being able to pull the battery. Is that the major reason for no major ROM development with the RAZR? It's totally understandable. The stock ROM is soooooo smooth. They really did a amazing job at visual improvements from the Droid X (my old phone). The stock keyboard is super smooth lookin'. I just want to see all the blue GB stuff gone..... status bar, Phone, video player and such. I could change it with the Toolbox Pro, but don't want to mess with framework secondary to caution. I know..... plenty of downloads from the market. But Custom is still where it's at for me.

I might consider going back to the Galaxy Nexus if someone could show me a different, or non corrupted link for a Root Kit. But it would take a seriously sharp custom ROM for me to do that. I can't stand the ICS icons! LOL :biggrin: Sorry to all the ICS fans out there.

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Damn, I used to live in Sprng Hill, TN (at least for a short time) off Kedron Blvd.;)