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Nov 13, 2009
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Moto Droid is my second smartphone. I ended my time with the Samsung i760 for Droid. Was not a fan of the i760 or Win Mobile. As I age I find those types of screens too small to see.

Have had my Droid for 3 days now. So far I really love this phone.

Things I dislike (because the list is so much shorter than things I like).

Messages, can't zoom, or make the font larger (or at least I have found).

Zoom only allows one zoom (i need two sometimes).

And one i discovered today, you make a call, the screen goes dark right off. If they answer, when you are done the screen lights up again, however if their phone just rings, and rings and rings, the only way I found I can get the screen back is to open the keyboard, and leave it open until I hit the END CALL button.

Question, I see references (like in the FAQ which I went through first) to a "center select button" and an office tools. I assum the center select button is the tab at the bottom of the home screen that pops up the applications?
I can't find an office tools icon anywhere, what am i doing wrong?