Issues Setting Up CableONE/Gmail


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Oct 24, 2010
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I spoke with some friends from Prescott today who were having issues setting up their CableONE email account to work on their Samsung Fascinate. CableONE recently switched email providers and now uses Gmail. They still have their own email servers but eventually everything is going to be handled by Google. For some reason we were unable to get their email setup using K-9 email or the standard email application. We tried both pop and imap with no success. Eventually we tried using the Gmail application cause technically the CableONE account is a Gmail account and we made some progress. When signing in we got an error message that said the username and password were incorrect. It also provided this link

To resolve this issue we cleared out the Captcha using the CableONE email account. It took us a few tries but got the Captcha right eventually. Heres a link to the Captcha page

Once we unlocked the account we tried once more using the Gmail application and this worked! We didnt even need to configure ports or servers. It was a simple enter your username and password.

If anyone else is having this issue please feel free to try the steps above!