Issues installing OTA GB 2.3


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Dec 7, 2010
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Please help...yesterday I rooted my phone with Z4root. I uninstalled Blockbuster app, vz navigator app, cityid ap. I then un-rooted my phone when i found out the upgrade was available. I received the OTA on my phone and when I go to install it stops, reboots and says it has failed. I have removed z4root from my phone. Any suggestions on what I need to do to upgrade? System versions: 2.3.340.MB810.verizon.ed.US / DroidX / Android Version: 2.2.1. Thanks-
Your phone has to be full unrooted stock for the install to work. And there is there is no root for the ota right now You will loose root. But there is prerooted leaks you can install over Froyo if you want rooted gingerbread. Just search the forum for help with that. Sorry I tried to edit my post and and paste a link for another thread on installing rooted gingerbread but the link would work!

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Thanks....So once you root...there is no going back...unless you do an SBF....:)
You can sbf full stock Froyo to take the update but you will loose root. While you are on rooted Froyo you can flash prerooted gingerbread. Its a 2 part zip file very easy to do I've done it a couple of times now. With no issues.
I'm still trying to paste a link to other threads to help but for some reason its not working.
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I tried to the two part update and it failed. I now just want the phone back to the original factory settings and I tried pressing the Start button and home button and it bring up the screen with the !!...but when i press the volume buttons nothing happens..... Very frustrated...All I wanted to do was remove those stupid pre-installed apps and no my phone is jacked up!!!!
I figured it is the search button on the phone and not the volume up and down buttons. Hopefully this works and I can have my old phone back......
It finally reset...yeah. Now it is still showing the Superuser app so I am assuming my phone is still rooted. I don't want this I now have to do the sbf full stock froyo now? what if I mess that I totally screwed?
What is it your wanting? Gingerbread and stay rooted? Or to stay on Froyo rooted? Or not rooted at all on gingerbread?

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thanks for your help and putting up with my ranting...I want to be unrooted and on gingerbread for now.....

I was able to apply sbf and now I am upgrading to GB 2.3 via OTA...

Do you know I can get the apps on my SD card to show up under manage apps?
Ok enjoy gingerbread!

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