Issue with Motorola Task Manager


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Sep 2, 2011
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Hope someone can help, this is really annoying...

I recently got a new Droid 3. I opened up the built in Task Manager application, noticed that there was an Auto End List, so decided to start adding items too it. I quickly realized that when the application killed apps, it put an item in the Notification Menu telling me this. I found this incredibly annoying. So I went through and unchecked everything from the list of Auto End Apps.

Even though I have removed everything, it still gives me notifications about how it killed 'DLNA'.

How can I keep it from displaying a notification all the time about an app that I don't use and one that's not on the list to Auto end???

I love the phone, but its crap like this that makes me think its time to root it like I did my Droid 2, to remove all of this crapware.