Is their a better music player out?


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Oct 22, 2010
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I can't stand the regular old fashion music player.. is their a galaxy s player or sense music player?

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I use winamp exclusively now. I found out today that it holds your position in a song and playlist through a reboot. Never seen that before. Plus its widget is boss.
I've fallen in love with the Audiogalaxy app
Stream music from home PC and no need to carry files on SD card.

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I've had PowerAmp through a couple wipes and loose my playlist everytime. Wth? Is there a way around? Not sure if I've tried a TB restore.

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I also have Power Amp Pro. It's OK. None of the solutions I've come across match the ease of my iPod. For instance, when I sort Power Amp by Genre, rather than showing me a list of Artists that are classified under that Genre, it shows me a giant list of songs.
audiogalaxy is crazy. I stream my entire collection from my home pc to wherever I am.
why clog up the storage on your droid with song files? Shuffle all songs and you're all set.
We all have different needs though.
I personally love power amp, especially for its ability to play FLAC files. Does audio galaxy support FLAC? Also is audio galaxy a free or paid app?

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Audiogalaxy is free, and I don't have any FLAC files to test whether they work or not.

Yeah, yeah.. I'm on my phone. So?
Power Amp Pro rocks my world. That equalizer makes even badly encoded songs sound good. Paid for the pro version and never looked back...