Is Google Voice really this limited, or is this Verizon's doing?


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Jun 7, 2011
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I installed Google Voice on my Incredible this week, and I can't seem to do anything with it other than have it take over my voicemail inbox. The only way I can place a call is by signing into my Google account on my computer, dial a number, then have Google forward the call to my phone, in which I pick it up and it will be ringing the person I'm attempting to call which seems like an unnecessary extra step.

In the settings on my phone, the only option I have for making calls is, "Only use Google Voice for international calls," "Do not use Google Voice to make any calls," or "Ask every time I make an international call." Someone showed me on their phone that they have an extra option that I don't have that says "Ask every time I make a call."

I have a Google number, the app knows my cell number, and it's signed into my Google account. Did I miss something in the setup process, or is Verizon restricting something?