Ironic Twist of the Day; Microsoft Makes More from Android Patents than from WP7


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Dec 30, 2010
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Here's something that might make your head spin a bit... apparently, Microsoft has a slew of patent licensing contracts with several companies. These contracts cover several patents, owned by Microsoft, that makers are using in Android-powered tablets. The Big MS has been "on a licensing spree" enforcing these patents as of late, and is now being paid licensing fees from a growing number of companies that use these patents in their Android Tablets. The most notable companies, with some currently coughing up as much as $5 bucks per tablet to Microsoft, are General Dynamics Itronix, Velocity Micro, Onkyo, and even HTC.

The ironic twist of this story is that according to reports, Microsoft is actually making more off of these patent licenses than they are currently making on their own Windows Phone 7 OS for mobile devices. It is "currently" more advantageous for Microsoft to see Android succeed than their own Mobile OS. It's a toss up as to whether that says more about how well Android is doing, or how poorly Windows Phone 7 is doing. :p

Source: SlashGear
Same thing was said when the HTC lawsuit went MS's way. Add 3 more manufactures and its definitely true if those 3 can sell as well as HTC can.

For real...shouldnt MS just dump WP7 and root for, partner with Android? Give Android some added muscle? I honestly think I would. especially if WP7 doesnt catch on in the next few years.