IRC apps force closing while using virtual keyboard


Mar 2, 2010
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So I've been using my virtual keyboard more and more lately, but every IRC app I try to use it in force closes. I've tried three IRC apps. Android IRC, DaraIRC, and AndChat. All three force close while using the virtual keyboard in landscape mode. I've even tried using Smart Keyboard Pro, and they all STILL force close. No other apps have any problems with my virtual keyboard.

I thought maybe it had something to do with my overclock, so I set it back down to 600MHz (even though this makes no real sense, I gave it a shot.) and they still do it. I'm using droidmod atm, but I even went back to stock for an hour or so to try it there, and they still do it. :\

Does anyone else have problems with IRC apps doing this, or is there a problem on my end?