Jun 23, 2017
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Motorola droid turbo 2
My name is Ethan. I'm very thankful to join this forum! Please be patient with me if possible? I'm having some trouble understanding the control panel? Perhaps if I owned a PC or laptop this may be easier? I purchased my 1st Android Device 1yr ago.
I know many of the best Apps and am familiar w/Android OS. If anyone wishes to ask questions;please, I'd love to help. If I have trouble typing posts in this site please I need some advice! Thank You all for being here!

Ethan Stark
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Welcome to the Forum! What part of the control panel are you having problems with? I assume you mean a particular screen on your phone?

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Hello, am Petar...from Serbia. cheers to all!! I have two problem ,first one is how to post new topic about my second problem hehehe...anyway i have wiki ridge 4g and my screen is blacked out, phone is reacting on the charger showing red lamp when battery is not fully charged...when i connect ny phone to pc it shows that i have ten drives...
... 4 of them are write protecdet and i cannot acses them...hopefully you have solutions to my problem. ALL BEST THANKS photo link> Untitled