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Jan 6, 2012
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I just post to Android Market.
1. Lode Runner:

Just Free, No Ads, Play 132 level.
This is adapted from the classic game - Lode Runner.
The protagonist Android is in a brick maze, must eat all apple ,mango or other, then there will be a hidden stair that accessible trophy. To complete each levels, be legible to next level.
There are one or more BB Birds(Bad Blue Bird) will appear.
During the game, must dodge the attack from BB Bird, if necessary, may dig the hole in both sides and beneath, to let the BB Bird fall into the hole. After about 7 seconds, the bricks will be recovered and BB Bird will appear at upper of the bricks. Otherwise, may design your own level to challenge and enjoy the fun from own design.

2. Free Bricks Breaker:
Free, No ads.
This game is a classic Arkanoid game along the learning, but in addition to the traditional games are played, you can also use the touch screen feature, where the ball has not been reached, draw a block line on the path, in a certain time frame can be intercept the ball bounce back to the same time can draw a block line, block line can also be used to change the route of the ball.