Interesting live wallpaper issue


Sep 21, 2010
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So I have a rooted Droid X. I tried downloading a live wallpaper from the market but the button to purchase the live wallpaper isn't there. I've contacted the developer and he has no idea. It's definitely supported by the Droid X. He said he has other people that have Droid X's that can download it just fine. He has a free version which I was able to download...however after installing it and setting it as my wallpaper...all I got were circulating white squares. He said this was a texture issue. I have tons of other live wallpapers and none have ever done this. So, I uninstalled it and was going to much like the paid version, the download button in the market is missing and I can't download it at all nor purchase it.

I also tried going to the market website and trying to have it sent to my phone. It says that my phone is "incompatible" which it's not.

The developer says he has other rooted users using his wallpaper without issue. One thing to mention: I have a modified lcd density but I don't see how the online market can tell that. I also tried setting my lcd density back to the default 240 setting...and I still wasn't able to download it in the market.

Anyone have any ideas? This is the *only* live wallpaper I've come across that's given me any kind of issue.

This is the wallpaper in question: