Interesting haptic feedback behavior.


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Dec 4, 2011
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So the "issue" im having, i use quotes because it is really minor and the phone is awesome otherwise, is that when typing either texts, emails, etc., there is a difference in vibration strength depending on the light level detected. In low light or when charging the 4 buttons at the bottom(menu,home,back,search) are lit up and the vibration is normal. However in daylight or a brightly lit room the backlight for the bottom buttons is off and the vibration feedback is much less and sometimes non existant, its as if the light sensor is controlling the strength of the vibration. I have tried swift keyboard x which allows adjustment of feedback strength, but the vibration feedback is still weaker when the phone detects bright light and the backlight for the buttons turns off. I just want to know if there is a fix or if there are other people experiencing the same problem. It seems to me that it could be easily fixed with a software update that just keeps the backlight on for those buttons when the screen is on regardless of the light level.