Insignia Bluetooth MP3 Speaker NS-BT400


Jan 12, 2010
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Fargo, ND
Greetings all.

I picked up the Insignia Bluetooth MP3 speaker from Best Buy last night.

My impressions:


  • Price. It was $19.99, which was a sale price from $29.99. It's been on 'sale' for a few weeks...I had passed on it last week, but was motivated to purchase last night when I saw it was still $19.99.
  • Sound quality. For $19.99, it sounds impressive. While I am certain it won't/can't hold a candle to the fidelity of more expensive models...for $19.99 it's pretty good. I haven't experienced any of the 'scratching' or 'hissing' that a few of the reviewers on noted.
  • Range. I'm able to keep it solidly linked to my DROID via Bluetooth throughout my house.
  • Controls. They're pretty simple and straightforward. It's got volume controls and forward/back buttons that seem to work when I'd like to skip a song while listening to

  • Aesthetics. It's not particularly sexy. It's basically a box. No one who sees it in your home will mistake it for a Bose speaker set. (see picture I'm not experienced enough with the forum to figure out how exactly I can embed an image from Picasa.)
  • Linking. I've not yet figured out a way to have it just automatically link up as a speaker source on my DROID. I have to hold down the pairing button each time on the speaker to put it into pairing mode...and then my DROID will automatically connect up with it and use it as the sound output.
All in all...a good buy for the price.