Innovative & unique new puzzle-strategy game : matterFall


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Apr 21, 2011
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matterFall is more fun than other puzzle games, because it's different.

matterFall now has a FREE version. Check it out here

New game mode "Infinity" can be found the full version for $0.99. You could play forever...if you're good enough! How long can you control the matterFall?

Check it out here, on the Android Market:
Website : matterFall - Home
YouTube videos:

[video=youtube;X3PBQdY1wFg]]YouTube - matterFall Gameplay[/url] and YouTube - Android Game - matterFall[/video]

Recommended for fans of Puzzle Blox, Unblock Me, Tetris, Rubik's Cube, Trism, Alchemy, and Bejeweled. A unique twist on typical shapes-on-a-grid games. You can change the gravity and "group" blocks together, making matterFall a fresh strategy-puzzle experience.

matterFall's gel blocks don’t just fall—they slide up, down and sideways. You control them by touching edge magnets to change the board’s gravity.

Glue like-colored blocks into a solid square or rectangle with a drag-and-tap. Then attach even more blocks to make it as big as you can before you explode it.

Don’t try to clear boards fast. Keep each board going as long as you can for a higher score. With your choice of two music tracks, hidden bonuses and colorful graphics, matterFall will light up your brain.

Touching imaginary magnets changes the board’s gravity to pull gel blocks up, down and sideways. This can be used to your advantage to rearrange like-colored "gel" blocks so you can "solidify" them into the largest shape possible.

Your goal is to group or ‘solidify’ a rectangular or square group of gels into a homogenous—and humongous—gel block. Select a large block of gels by dragging your finger from one corner to the opposite corner.
You can also group together two solids, or a solid with some gels -- as long as the resulting shape is still square or rectangular. The goal is to merge blocks into as big a shape as possible.

Speed is not important when you’re playing matterFall. Speed will probably reduce your score. To do well, you don’t want to clear the board of shapes. Don’t rush around eliminating gel blocks. Gels are your friends. You want to glue gels together to make a solidified gel block that’s as large as possible. You get 1500 points for a 5x6 solid when exploded. A 2x2 solid gets you only 80 points!

matterFall features original music compositions that will give you a happy feeling of peace and serenity. You’re in full control of your sonic experience. You can easily choose to turn the music on or off. You can also control the sound effects.

Destroying a grouped gel block earns you points. However, before you destroy a block, make sure it is as large as you could have made it. If you destroy a bunch of small blocks, you are losing valuable blocks you might not get back. Destroy large gel blocks strategically and creatively to maximize your score.

When a gel block is destroyed, ‘gas’ blocks appear. If you line up these ‘gases’ in a set of three, they will explode automatically and give you special bonuses such as more blocks or points.

Changing gravity by touching the four side magnets is the central game mechanic. That’s how you move the gel blocks one way or another. Clearing the board area by destroying gel blocks too soon might not be the best thing to do. It merely provides more space for the magnet-effect to operate. We’ve found that you’ll get high scores by keeping about 60% of the board covered with gel blocks. So don’t empty the board too quickly. That’s not your goal. Instead, see how long you can keep a board going and you’ll score higher.
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matterFall now has a FREE version. Check it out here

New game mode "Infinity" can be found the full version for $0.99. You could play forever...if you're good enough! How long can you control the matterFall?

Would love to get some feedback on the game, so we can make it the best it can be!