Incredible not so Incredible........HELP !!!!!!!!


Aug 25, 2010
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Ok, I had my 1st HTC Incredible for 4 months and it was just fine UNTIL one day it wiped out ALL 327 of my contacts. So......Verizon sent me a "certified like new" refurbished phone. The refurbished one powered down on it's own all the time. So, they send me another. My 2nd replacement...get this....the phone icon on the bottom of the home screen would disappear. So, they sent me another.......My 3rd one would freeze up. Now I am on my 4th replacement and it's doing all the above except deleting my contacts (so far). What in the world is going on? I love this phone but am very very very tired of having to go through this every few days with replacements. Any suggestions as to what it could be? IF I have to, what other droid would you recommend?