incredible holster?


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Apr 1, 2011
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I have an Incredible with a glossy black silicone protector that i got from the verizon store when I bought the phone. I have been very happy with it but now find I need somehting to keep it hooked to me at the gym. I have two universal belt clip cases that the phone will slide into, but they do not leave an opening for the earphones so I find I am jury-rigging ways to listen while lifting. Does anyone have a suggestion for a holster that will work with my very low profile case? (I checked and it adds 3mm to the phone. I do not have access to any stores with holsters so I cannot try it out.) I did see where someone tried the seino (sp??) holster with the otterbox commuter case and it did not work. Has anyone else had success? I really don't want to change cases as this one looks great and protects it nicely from minor drops...