Incoming calls on Pixel with iBolt dock


Jul 31, 2011
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Google Pixel

Last October, I bought a Google Pixel (not XL) and am using it with my iBolt car dock and the Dock'N'Drive app.

If I configure the settings for Dock'N'Drive to "Auto enable car mode", it changes the home screen to be the Dock'N'Drive screen. However, when I receive an incoming phone call, the caller's ID or number popup does not appear on the screen. I can answer the call by hitting the bluetooth button (I am currently using an MPOW bluetooth receiver), but I have no idea who is calling until I answer.

If I uncheck "Auto enable car mode", the incoming call popup DOES appear. However, hitting the home button will bring up the default home screen, not the iBolt screen.

What configuration setting in the phone or relevant apps could I be missing, here?

Also, I noticed that when "Auto enable car mode" is selected, I get a popup saying "Complete action using iBOLT Dock'N'Drive" Just Once/Always. If I select Always, then exit Dock'N'Drive and later restart it (or it starts automatically when connecting to the MPOW bluetooth), it will ask me again Just Once/Always -- it doesn't seem to retain the setting. I didn't have this problem with my previous Galaxy S5. What am I missing?

Thank you in advance for any help you all can give!