im so confused its embarrassing


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Jan 1, 2011
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Hello there, this is me introducing myself! Lots of questions for whoever reads this and knows how to answer them. First I should say that I have a samsung epic and sprint is my carrier. I was having problems with the "where's my droid" app not being able to identify my location even if I was standing outside with both phones. So frusterating. I googled the prblem and everything that came up was on this forum and it kept asking to download the app so I did. I, after much hooplah (sp), got registered and have been trying to maneuver the app but I have no idea what to do. I touched my way to the droid app section to see if there was info on the "where's my droid app." I found the search section and typed in keywords but got a bunch of tech talk that was both over my head and not related to my quesion. I can't evn figure out how to post. Also, the forum app is much different from the computer forum setup, should I b able to do and acccess the same information? Thanks for anyones help, ill keep playin with it.