I'm doing this for my wife


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Sep 5, 2012
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Her name is brandy, she doesn't look at the forums much, but I'm trying to change that, she knows more about computers then i ever could, so i need her for rooting and other things, she went to college to be a forensic chemist, worked for hp for a few years as a website tester, and worked in the nuclear field for 5 years in Tn, and is now a stay at home mom with our 4 daughter, one is 2 weeks old,she never wanted a smart phone till i got her a bb curve, she's been hooked ever sense. she had a dx, and is on a razr maxx now, Xtor
I better be the first to welcome my wife, welcome!, ^^^^^^^^

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Hi Brandy! Make sure you stay close to the other girls, we have a secret club house that the boys aren't allowed in!
Welcome aboard Brandy - glad to have the other (better ?? LOL just kidding xtor :)) on board with us as well!
And congrats on the new baby girl!