I need a GOOD music player that lets ME create playlists


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Apr 17, 2013
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Okay, I have tried multiple music players, and the closest one I got to being what I need was the Ice Cream Sandwich player. The problem was the playlists kept disintegrating and getting all screwed up. Now, since the Jelly Bean upgrade, I got stuck with some piece of junk garbage from Google that says I have 0 songs. Right... and the features just don't add up...

I have a large collection of songs. I like the ability to add whole albums at a time to a playlist, rather than going through and adding ONE SONG AT A TIME and being prompted each of 700 times "add this to playlist?"

The BEST MUSIC PLAYER I EVER had was, hands down, the one built in to my LG Chocolate 3 flip phone (I also miss that FM transmitter BUILT IN...) You could have all songs display as a checklist and just highlight all the songs you wanted added at once. Oh, and it alphabetized them while it was at it!

Is there ANY application out there, paid or free, that lets me be myself in making my own playlists? To name a few genres I have: pop, techno, classical, rock, & celtic. Now if I just sit and "play all" songs in alphabetical order, I am going to have an extensive variety for one road trip, as I do have even more genres than that!

PLEASE. If YOU can steer me towards a good music player (I don't need all the bells and whistles like vocal boosters and that sort of thing, just software that lets me create playlists easily), PLEASE TELL ME THE APP. You will be my eternal friend. :)

Thanks in advance.

Power Amp! Paid version.

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blackops, if only I could pay you easily... YOU FREAKING ROCK. Thank you SO SO MUCH!