I have a few questions


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Mar 28, 2010
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I changed my Outlook notes to word docs. Is there a way to create a home screen shortcut to folders on the SD card? My current workaround is adding quickoffice to my home screen.

Is there a way to create multiple folders for the email app (not using gmail)?

Is there a way to create multiple folders for the gallery instead of having it show each and every single file it finds?

I'm always on call so I have to be able to hear calls at night. However, I don't care about text messages or emails at night. Is there a shortcut to the volume controls where I can easily turn off notification sounds?

Also, if anyone is interested, I know how to transfer your contacts from Outlook to the Droid without 3rd party software and without using the Google cloud.

Connect your Droid using the usb cable and open the SD card.

Go to outlook and choose contacts. Select all of your contacts by clicking the first contact, scroll down, hold the shift key, and select the last contact. They should all be highlighted now.
Right click on any of the contacts, choose send as business card. Your outgoing email should pop up and all of your contacts should show up as attachments.
Highlight all of the attachments, and copy/paste them to the SD card on your Droid.

After the paste is complete go to contacts on your Droid, hit menu, settings, more. Hit import/export and select import from SD card.