I also have Eris for sale........


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Feb 22, 2010
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Purchased in February. Of course, this is a Verizon issued phone and the way it is now, only works with Verizon service. Have used the rubber back case thingy below for practically the entire time, as well as a screen protector that will still be on it upon delivery. It is currently running Leak 2.1v3 Android OS. Also have the following items that come with it in the price. I will wipe the phone back to factory before shipping:

~Extra standard battery purchased from Amazon:
Amazon.com: Standard Replacement Lithium-Ion Battery for Verizon HTC Droid Eris CDMA Cell…

~Silicone accessory pack purchased from Amazon (the only screen protector is the one on the phone...no extras):
Amazon.com: Premium Black Soft Silicone Gel Skin Cover Case + Crystal Clear Screen Protector + Rapid Car Charger + USB Data Sync Charge Cable for HTC Droid Eris: Electronics

~AA battery Emergency Charger (this thing is handy):
Amazon.com: HTC Droid Eris Emergency Charger w/ 3 Connectors &…

FYI...I have to be honest to my DF.net buddies, the reason I am selling is that I was not getting good battery life out of it, so I got the extra battery and it does somewhat better but by that time I had become eligible for my Verizon early upgrade and I have just always wanted a Moto Droid so I got it. The salesperson talked me into the Eris because they were out of Motos in February and I have never let myself live it down for not waiting a couple days for new stock. My battery life got better after using tips I learned on this and other sites but by that time I had the Moto on my mind and would not stop until I had one.

Anyway, I don't have to sell but I'd like to. $200 for everything, including standard shipping via USPS (unless you want it faster, then it will be that much more) and we can use PayPal if it makes you feel safer. I have never sold anything online like this, so I have my own concerns too.

[email protected] or Twitter: @wveersfan
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