Humble (Crescent Moon) Bundle Brings 10 Games For Only $8


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Oct 6, 2011
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The humble bundle has been an innovative solution for promotion and philanthropy among developers in the Android community. The idea behind the Humble Bundle is the game developers pair their games together and allow you to choose your price. A portion of the sales go to charity. Its a win for everyone involved. There are levels which will also unlock more games. For instance you can choose to pay 1 penny and get the first four games. If you decide to pay the average price you unlock 5 more games, and if you pay $8 you unlock two more games. There is also unlockable content that unlocks when the overall sales reach milestones.

Pay Any Price and get:
-Space Chicks
-2bit Cowboy
-Neon Shadow
-Ravensword: Shadowlands

Pay Above the Average Price and get the above +:
-Topia World Builder
-Shadow Blade
-Mines of Mars
-Blocky Roads

Pay $8 or More and get the above +:
-The Deer God
-Exiles Far Colony

Via Humble Bundle