HTC One M9 Release Date and Pricing Leaked: Shipping March 25 for $650


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Dec 30, 2010
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The folks at Engadget got hold of some leaked intel on the new HTC One M9. A new retail data sheet from B&H Electronics indicates the HTC One M9 should ship on March 25th, and will retail for $649.99. Astute readers might remember that was the exact same price of the HTC One M8 when it launched. This means that HTC will at least be beating Sammy on the pricing side of things this year, considering that Samsung's newest offerings are actually more expensive than they used to be.

To be clear, the price indicated was for the 32GB model of the HTC One M9. Of course, it's possible the retailer just got it wrong with a guess as this has not been officially announced yet. We will keep you updated with any corroborative evidence.

Here's our dedicated HTC One M9 section for further discussion: HTC One M9 Android Forum at
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