HTC M8 Windows Phone shows up on Verizon's site


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Jan 30, 2012
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An image of an HTC One (M8) running the Windows Phone operating system is currently on the Verizon Wireless site, providing compelling evidence that the company plans to sell the phone.

The URL of the image identifies the hardware as the “HTC M8 Windows” phone. A quick check of URL strings similar to the string of the live image failed to pull up any other information about the phone on the Verizon site. Nonetheless, there’s no disputing the live URL itself.


HTC will be holding a media event in New York on August 19. Although the company hasn’t said what it plans to announce, rumors are swirling that it plans to unveil a Windows Phone 8.1-powered version of its HTC One (M8), one of the best-regarded Android phones to be released this year. The Verizon image appears to be solid proof that that phone will in fact come to market.

It would appear the HTC Windows Phone is essentially a rebadging of the current Android-powered One (M8), and will be running the Windows Phone 8.1 Update that’s expected to be released next week. The update will reportedly support Voice over LTE for improved clarity, a feature that the (M8) for Windows will reportedly include as well.


For a review of the Android phone’s features, check out the review of the HTC One (M8) by our colleagues at Greenbot. Expect a metal chassis, a lovely 5-inch screen, and HTC’s odd dual rear-facing cameras. There’s no guarantee that HTC won’t have a few surprises up its sleeve, however.

Verizon has dipped its toe into the Windows Phone Market before. The company currently offers the aged HTC 8X for $49.99 on a two-year contract. Windows Phone fans would be foolish to buy it, however, when they can have the far superior Nokia Lumia Icon for free, again with a two-year contract. Until the launch of the HTC W8 or HTC M8 Windows, your best bet is still the Icon.

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