HTC IME Keyboard help


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Nov 18, 2009
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I installed the HTC IME keyboard and really like all the options as well as the accuracy. Just one thing irks me, is there anyway to switch the smiley and then symbols key.. so they are like the stock android keyboard?
oh excellent, thank you for pointing that out. do you also happen to know where i could find any themed HTC IME keyboards?
Awesome, I had no idea that existed! Thank you!!
Thanks as well, I hadn't even thought of skinning the keyboard but it definitely fits my phone better now :)
what do you all think are the big advantages of the HTC IME keyboard over the stock keyboard
Personally? I love being able to long press a letter to get the symbol behind it, quite handy for entering items like email addresses and such.
i just dont like how small the space bar is because of the return key