HTC EVO 3D Coming to Vodafone in the UK


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Oct 11, 2010
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The HTC EVO 3D recently went on sale with Sprint here in the US and as of yesterday, HTC announced that it would be coming available in Europe beginning next month. And as to where in Europe, that was left as the general sounding “broadly available.”

That being said, while HTC may not have offered anything specific in terms of carriers, it did not take long for the first to come forward. That carrier is Vodafone UK, and at present we still need a bit more information from them. Basically what we do have is that the HTC EVO 3D is “coming soon” to Vodafone UK.
In other words, nothing any more specific than what HTC gave yesterday which means Vodafone UK should have the handset available in July. And as to a price, that remains a complete mystery. The one good part here, well good for those in the UK hoping to get an EVO 3D on another carrier, there was nothing mentioned as to Vodafone having an exclusive offering in the UK.

With that, it seems the best that those interested can do at this point is register for updates on the Vodafone UK website. You can watch the promo video that was released by the carrier below. Also be sure to visit the source link if you're interested in the EVO 3D.


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Vodafone UK