HTC Droid Incredible questions


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Mar 13, 2011
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I just ordered a droid incredible and I am having buyers remorse. I have the original droid now and am thinking the droid x might be a better fit, but it is SO HUGE, it's inconvenient.

Anyways...Does the htc droid incredible have the led light that blinks when you get texts and facebook messages??? I saw in the store that the screen wakes up from sleep mode and shows the text when you recieve one. Is there anyway to disable that? It seems inconvient in a work situation or others where you don't want your phone flashing or showing a text.

Also, are there any apps or options for the "swipe texting" feature like the droid x has?

How is the droid htc when you have it charging? Is there any charging screen that can light up with the time, liike so it can be seen at night. There is no docking station which is crazy!

Does anyone have the htc or droid x or have experience with both...can't decide which one is better! I am just afraid I cannot get use to the htc but the size and clarity is nice
incredible is incredibler

My wife has a droid x and I have an incredible. I prefer the incredible. HTC has so many more options and setting to help personalize, and it just seems to run smoother.
I am always picking up my wife's X to play and do like the larger screen for games, but always seem to get annoyed with it for some reason.

-as for charging, you can set it to just dim the screen while charging, and put up a basic desk clock to stay on at night.

-as for swype like keyboard, there is SlideIT app, which is similar. I use Swiftkey, and love it.

-as for the notification light - you can play with all the settings so the led light doesn't flash, although its so small its barely noticable. I don't think its would bother anyone. I use Handcent for texting which is also fully customizable.

you certainly wont be disappointed in the Incredible. Hope you enjoy!!