HRT dSp - Audiophiles take note


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May 16, 2012
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Disclaimer*Lets get something out of the way here. I am not an Audiophile. I own nothing on Vinyl, and my most expensive pair of headphones were a gift, and not something I purchased. I can't talk about technical aspects of sound and quality very well, but I can hear a difference in quality when it is there.*

I did an interview with HRT at CES, and it went pretty well. Their Digital to Analog (digital signal processor) converter seemed to make a difference in the quality of music that was reaching my ears, and I could tell the difference when we switched back and forth between their dSp, and the stock options that they laid out (MacBook, iPads, and several Android devices).

In the very recent past HRT started selling pre-orders of the dSp via Kickstarter, so I figured I would put this out there, just in case anyone was interested in it: specifically its strengths and its limitations.

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