How to turn off data push on email..


Aug 15, 2011
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When I open my yahoo mail and go to settings I have my fetch schedule set for every 4 hours but it says fetch schedule is set up for no accounts. When I go to data push it has it selected for both my gmail and yahoo mail and the boxes are green with check marks in them but they're a light green and I can't turn it off. My phone is notifying me every time I get a new email which is a lot and I can tell it is sucking data quite a bit so I want to turn that off and just have it check every 4 hours or when I open the email myself. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

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Ok I may have found a way around it. I set my email so it only syncs over wifi, but I just tried and it still lets me refresh it manually when I open it without the wifi on, so I may have taken care of the problem. We'll see I guess.

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