How to SBF my P3S rooted phone with gingerbreak

Aug 23, 2011
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Arlington, WA
Rooted quite awhile ago, trying to SBF back to stock (froyo 2.2.2) and not having any luck. First 2 attempts resulted in my phone freezing after install, and 3rd (with different SBF file) has brought my phone back (2.3.3) to where it was before I started trying to SBF, all of my downloaded apps remain.

How do I return my rooted phone back to completely bone stock using RSDLite, which I have.

Please have patience with me, have tried searching but have not found a problem just like the one I am having.

WOW!!! 174 views and no suggestions........... C'mon guys......... you helped me root my phone, please please help me "unroot" it.

I would suggest replying in the threads, where you found the SBF files
instead of starting new thread, and hope someone with an answer, happens to see it

try deleting data before SBF, wipe data after
try ezSBF then SBF back to 2.2.2 with RSDlite
try different versions of RSDlite 4.9, 5.4.4, 5.6

don't know why anyone would go back to froyo

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Got er done. I am not savvy on the phone tech speak and I should have said "factory reset" instead of SBFing.

My bad, doggone thing is working now.
no factory reset just deletes user data, doesn't remove custom rom
you have to SBF to get back to stock
I wiped, SBF'd, and wiped again.

Must have worked, phone is back to stock and I just downloaded an OTA update (2.3.4)

should have added that I sbfed last night but did not wipe again, wiped an hour ago and it worked.
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now what, thought you were trying to back to froyo 2.2.2