how to retrieve video saved in internal memory?


Oct 13, 2010
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I can figure out how to retrieve pics and videos from the SD card but I looked everywhere and cannot find 18 videos saved in my Dinc internal memory.
How do I transfer videos to my pc?
Please help this has me baffled.


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Dec 10, 2009
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Here's something I found that may help:

1. disconnect the charging cable (Model: DICMUSB) from the part that plugs into the wall
2. connect smaller end of the charging cable (Model: DICMUSB) to the phone (Model: ADR6300)
3. connect the larger end of the charging cable (Model: DICMUSB) to any available USB port on your computer
4. on your phone (Model: ADR6300), you have a new window entitled "Connect to PC" that has FOUR options

i. Charge only (Charge phone over USB)

ii. HTC Sync (Sync contacts and calender)

iii. Disk drive (Mount as disk drive) <----------THIS IS THE OPTION YOU WANT

iv. Mobile Broadband Connect (shares phone's mobile network with PC)

Additional: I found, with my DInc, when I set the 'Default connection type' option request to 'iii' above, the SD card mounts and opens, but the phone storage mounts, but does not open.
When I set the default to Charge Only, both drives fully connect after I change the option to 'iii'.

Good luck.


Oct 13, 2010
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Thanks for the reply. I use disk drive option when hooking up to a pc. This does allow both drives to be viewed but for the life of me I cannot find the videos in internal storage! Furthermore they are too large to email so they are essentially stuck in my phone.

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Oct 15, 2011
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A workaround that may work for you

It's not direct, but you can move files from the internal storage to the SD card and then to your PC.

1) If you have your phone connected to the PC via a USB cable, disconnect it for now. We'll reconnect later.
2) The phone came with an app (or I downloaded from the Android Market) called Files. When Files starts you will see three options:

- Internal Phone Storage
- SD Card
- Shared Folders

Pick "Internal Phone Storage".

3) You'll see lots of folders that are in your phone's internal storage. Find and select the "DCIM" folder.
4) Select the "Camera" folder. You should then see all the images and mp4 files that the phone stored interally.
5) Tap the menu button and then the "Select multiple" button.
6) Then scroll down and select the files you want to move to your SD card. Remember you need enough memory on that to fit all the files you selected.
7) Tap the "Move" button. The multiple select boxes should disappear.
8) Tap on the top (on my phone it is a blue bar) where it says "Camera"
9) You'll see a select folder window open. On my phone there are four options:
- Home
-Internal phone storage
- Camera (which should be checked at the moment)

Select the "Home" button.

10) You'll then see the options from #1 above. Select "SD Card"
11) Then you'll see the folders on your SD card (this may take a while to show up). You can either create a new folder or use the "DCIM" folder on the SD card. For simplicity I select the "DCIM" folder.
11) Select the "Camera" folder
12) Push the "Move" button.

13) The files will then be moved from the internal memory to the SD card. You don't get a whole lot of indication that the move is taking place other than on the the notifications bar having a small icon with a moving arrow on it. You can pull down the notifications bar and see how how much is left to transfer.
13) After you do this, then you can reconnect the USB cable to the phone and PC and transfer the file from the SD card to the PC.

And after that always select SD Card when you use the camera so you don't have to do this again.

Yes, it's really klugey but that's the only way I've found so far to do this. There's probably a really slick way to do all of this directly from the internal memory to the PC, but I haven't found it yet. Of course some of these settings may be different on your phone so your mileage may vary, but I hope this helps.

P.S. I used the words "push", "select", and "tap" interchangeably in this description.


The files were indeed deleted with the factory reset since they were saved on the phones memory, not the actual sd card. However, I installed Recuva, hooked the phone up to the computer as mass storage and scanned the internal drive. Doing a quick scan it found about 5 of the files. Then I did a deep scan and it found most, if not all of the pictures, videos and music files that she had on the phone. Most of the pictures showed up 5 or 6 times, so we have almost 10,000 files to sort through. But from our skimming through them it looks like we saved at least 75%, and possibly all of the files.

Thanks a lot,
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Jun 24, 2010
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When I received my used dinc from a friend I found a bunch of his media in the "EMMC" file. Maybe worth a shot. Good luck.