How to improve battery and speed on droid 2 global


Sep 5, 2011
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Ok ive had my Droid 2 Global for almost year which is comming up in november. I have been struggling dealing with a battery that lives for about 5 hours. Ill be in school come out a few hours later and the battery pretty much says you done for the day. Well i have figured out how to at least double your battery as well as make phone twice as fast as it was.

1. I got the app Juice defender. im not sure how much it usually costs im thinking about 5$ usually. but its well worth it. It also seems to have a free version a medium version and then an ultimate version all of which unlock more features. it has a mobile data toggle that allows you to shot your data on and off with out going through the hassle of going through your settings deep in your phone to figure it out. Its simple it will say on and off. and thats exactly what it does. Not to mention it manages the data superbly to keep your battery from draining faster than you can say hello. This app also has settings that allow you to change how your phone manages your data. It has whitelisting and blacklisting that shows which apps you want to force the 3G on and what apps you dont. This app at one point did increase my battery by 3.45 and its very accurate with the prediction. it judges this over a 48 hour period of usage of Juice defender and i get on average about 2.45-2.60. Be warned it will take about a week or so to sync up and get with the program that your trying to save battery.

2. Get a different home screen launcher as the stock launcher is a battery hog and i thought seemed very sluggish and annoying. I used Go launcher because it allows for alot of different themes to be applied. its explained how to do that in the app itself. Personally i like the iphone theme because it has alot of the same icons for texting camera etc.. with when activating the drag and drop feature with apps it allows you to change the icon. Go launcher also have alot of different accompanying apps that are all made to go with it. A facebook widget, a text widget a weather one and even a notification widget.

3. Keep all the toggles to your wifi,GPS, bluetooth etc on a homescreen provided by your launcher. this allows for easy on off etc. i recommend beautiful widgets package as it allows for a clock that houses weather and time in a bulky but albeit very nice widget. i line all my toggles underneath it and move the less important ones to the next page. i keep my mobile data toggle on the important page though just because i have issues with running through battery like its a marathon when my 3G is active.

4. last of all is a well known fact and that is keep your brightness down alot of the time because that drains alot of battery as well due to the increased usage of the screen.

tell me if any of these work for you.
also let me know if you have any additions you would like to make im still looking for other ways that might suit other people

please let me know if this works for you
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