How to go about hiring someone to make app?


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Jan 5, 2010
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My friend and I have an idea for an app and we want to hire someone, or a firm, to make it for us. My question is how do I protect our idea to make sure someone doesn't steal it and just write their own app? Also, what kind of time frame and costs go into making an android app? Lets use go contacts as an example, how long would an app like that generally take? How much would it cost. I understand that time and price fluctuates. Just looking for some ballpark figures.
I dunno how I would price writing an app honestly id probably want like a percent of the income from it. If you'd like to talk it over with me id be interested in knowing about it and think I have a pretty good name here as to being trusted and what not ha. Otherwise I guess you'd have to lawyer up if you didn't want to trust the person. But are you looking to make a root app, is it a game or like what? I'd probably be interested in anything that wasn't a game

To write something like a contacts app maybe a little less than a month? But the thing is you're gonna need updates and what not which is why as an app dev id probably want a percentage.

Things like boot manager we initially did in like 2 or 3 months but that's a bit more advanced then when I was learning I wrote boot randimations in a day

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