How the heck do I set a wallpaper without cropping it?


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Sep 12, 2010
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Denver, Colorado
Very strange on the size stated 0f 960 x 854 due to this actually seems to make a pic I pulled off my D2 extremely large....and pixelated due to it getting so large. Not saying this is incorrect, just stating that this is what happens when I resize a pic I took with the D2's camera.


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Nov 29, 2009
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If you resize the pic then the original dimensions aren't relevant. Maybe I'm misreading your post as it is a bit difficult to understand. Again, if you resize the crop box you can use the whole image if the dimensions are correct. If you crop a smaller portion of the image then it will be enlarged to fit the screen and it will probably be pixelated (depending on the amount of cropping and the original image's resolution).

And no you cannot stretch the crop to capture the entire picture. I have had this problem too.
I can. Many others can as well. Are you dragging one of the edges of the crop box with the resize arrows visible? The arrows should appear once you've pressed on an edge.

You are automatically forced to the crop procedure when setting a wallpaper, but you will be able to drag the square and not have to crop a correctly sized picture. Pictures that are too large will have to be cropped.
It's not a matter of "too large". If the proportions match the proper resolution you won't have to crop.
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