How do you delete unused screens?

I have 5 screens, one of which has icons, folders or widgets. The rest of them, nothing and they are still there. Maybe I need to put an app on them and delete the app and maybe the screens will then disappear?
Out of curiosity, why do you want to delete the extra screens rather than simply ignoring them? Are they causing you problems?
Not in the slightest. But I know they're
And many times I'll make posts just so the info is there for....someone.
A different Launcher/Homescreen app will allow you to do this.
Thanks. I've gotten away from using separate launchers.
Aside from using another launcher I don't think you can.

It's been forever since I've been on the stock launcher but if you hit the home button while on the home screen does it take you to all your home pages for reordering?

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Then Yea, sorry you can't.

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I just went back to my stock launcher and I couldn't do it either. I agree, you can't change it.

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Any reason you won't change launchers.....?

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I used Launcher Pro, then Go. Ever since JB and beingIable to do folders, I've seen no reason to have one as the native one works just fine....other than this one not allowing deletion of screens. Plus as its been explained to me both launchers are in use and using more battery.
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