How can I access the apps on my phone or download others?

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From the Motorola Website:

Your phone comes with some apps already, and you can download and install more.
To open an app, tap it.
App Tray
All the apps on your phone, including the apps that came with your phone, and the ones you download and install, are listed in alphabetical order in your App Tray.
To open the App Tray, tap ^ and drag up.

Running multiple apps
No need to close an app before opening another one. Your phone runs multiple apps, all at once. You can open a new app while already running another.
Press Home to return to the home screen.
Open the app tray and tap the app you want.
To switch from one running app to another, press and hold Home to see what apps are already open, then touch the one you want.
Download apps
Warning: Apps downloaded from the Web can be from unknown sources. To protect your phone and personal data, only download apps from sources you trust, like Android Market.
Note: All apps downloaded are stored in your phone memory.
To download apps:
  1. If you want to download apps from any Web page, press Menu > Settings > Applications > Unknown sources.
  2. To launch the browser, touch Home > Browser.
  3. Find the app you want to download and tap the download link.
After you download an app, the icon for that app appears on your App Tray.
Removing apps
To remove an application:
  1. From your home screen, touch Market
  2. Touch Downloads.
  3. Touch the application that you want to remove.
  4. Touch Uninstall, then confirm by touching OK.
  • Applications are stored in the phone memory. Applications cannot be stored on the memory card.
  • Widget applications will still need to be added to your homescreen. CLICK HERE for more details
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