Honda Announces the 2016 Accord Will Have both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Support


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Dec 30, 2010
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Why can't all of the auto manufacturers do this? Honda just announced that their Accord for 2016 will include support for both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. To be clear, Honda isn't the first. GM and Hyundai have announced the same thing for some of their vehicles. Still, this is something that is likely very easy to do, so it seems like there's no reason (other than licensing agreements) why all new cars can't support the choice between Android Auto or Apple CarPlay for their infotainment hub. Regardless of the rant, here's the news regarding this announcement,

On the dashboard, both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto mirror smartphone apps that are useful and safe for a driver. The driver can control apps such as navigation, messaging and audio through dashboard controls or voice command. Rather than replace a car's existing infotainment system, these features give drivers the option of using their smartphones' familiar functionality, though the phone needs to be cabled to the car's USB port.

Honda's implementation takes advantage of its unique two-screen approach, which sets one LCD at the top of the dash, and another touchscreen-enabled LCD lower down.

Now that Honda has put this functionality on their most popular car, it's probably only a matter of time before we see this filter out to nearly all vehicles. It's about time the ball started rolling...

Source: CNET
Was very surprised to see this news last night, it's awesome. Honda finally looking forward.
Smart.. Honda os covering the bases. I wonder if both can be used simultaneously?
While there are useful features and syncing can be great and convenient. I've really enjoyed streaming Pandora or MP3's through my car stereo, or integration/sync of the car's audio with incoming phone calls to my Droid. It's cool enough and practical enough to want to upgrade the stereo in my older vehicle (if possible, I'm sure there are some aftermarket car stereos out there doing the same thing).

On a related note, I've wondered what the point of actual data for the auto is - only thing I can think of is another revenue source. Why would anyone pay a device fee to add their auto to their data plan, not to mention chewing up limited megabytes?
The streaming of Pandora, Google maps, etc etc, all require data, especially if used as a stand alone device.

S5 tap'n
The streaming of Pandora, Google maps, etc etc, all require data, especially if used as a stand alone device.

S5 tap'n

Sure they do, but depending on how you have everything set up, you're duplicating downloading of data (such as email, app updates, etc) with a second, mostly unnecessary device on your data plan. You just sync via bluetooth - I don't know why anyone would want to actually add their car as a device on their data plan.