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Jan 1, 2010
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nearly every time I press the home key I get my home screen with no icons for a couple seconds. What are some known causes and fixes for this?
Does handcent have anything to do with it?

Same here- and no handcent, so I don't think that's the problem.
It's an inherent problem with 2.2

Everyone is waiting on some sort of a fix. You can try other launchers, and play with their memory and cache settings. But it offers little help in the long run, other than being a band-aid for a little while. The problems always creep back up.
Do an advanced search for "redraw" in thread titles only. You will find many, many fixes.

I do not believe this is an inherent problem in 2.2 as I've never had it.
Should have specified. It's an inherent problem for the vast majority of people. I've tried several different launchers, every combination of the memory/cache settings. And over several roms. It always comes back for some reason.

And you don't know how much I envy you to have not experienced it. It is mind numbingly annoying. :(
I have this, sometimes. I run launcher pro, have it set for 5 rows of icons instead of the default 4. The behavior seems to me as though, LP is having to recalculate its icon cache, so that's my best theory, atm. I seem to see it when changing orientation from landscape to portrait, and sometimes when I open the phone after it's been asleep a bit.
I'm amazed (and perplexed) it's not happening to someone. This is happening to everyone I've talked to who has received the update. Didn't happen in 2.1.
My thoughts are, after the delays they had to get this out this time for sure and so it came a bit buggy... no flash, horrible redraw delay. And yes it does seem like an icon cache issue.
I've tried several launchers and stock and it's the same on all. Tried other recommendations to no avail.

Someone please correct me if wrong but isn't there another update coming real soon that will be what this should have been? Flash (even though I've installed it) and other bugs ironed out.
I hope so as this is horribly annoying. If no fix coming then I'm rooting and looking for the best rom or at least one that allows a fix for this.
Never had this problem until update, wish I hadn't updated. Any word on the manufacturer's fix? If none soon, I'll exchange phone. It's not just the icon delay. Everything is slower.
I tried the "three battery pull" trick to smooth that problem out. I finally decided to do a battery pull while the phone was still on and it works great now. It's not slow, not choppy and the icons all appear as they're supposed to. Pull the battery while the phone is still on and see if that fixes it.
Just saw on another forum someone saying the problem completely goes away if you move all your apps off the SD card and back into the phone memory. Might be worth a shot if you have the space.

Turning off animations has also been said to help a bit, but the only "fix" I've seen is to stop putting apps on the SD card.
Yeap got to agree, I'm having the same issue, though I think it's because of the number of icons you have on your default 5 screens. I just redid my phone with 2.2, and it wasn't a issue until I start filling up my screens with icons. I agree that it also seem to be a issue when I started to put programs on my SD card, but I need to do that, so pulling them off the SD card isn't really a fix for me.
I use Folder Organizer and make custom folders which can then be made widgets. App Organizer is the same but with ads. So a bunch of icons becomes one widget. Seems to cut down on redraw time...

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Ok I talked to a few others on another board, and the fix is to take to software you have on your SD card and put i back onto your phone. I also think a fix is to get a much faster SD card, maybe a Class 10 SD card would also solve it. Not sure, but that does make sense.