home screen auto-rotate


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Feb 22, 2012
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I was the first to get my Droid 4 on the release date at my local Verizon store and have loved it. My only issue right now is that the home screen will not auto-rotate when the phone is in landscape orientation unless the keyboard is slid out. After researching this on older Droid forums, I have found that, per Motorola, Verizon, etc., the home screens are not supposed to rotate, they never have, probably never will. All other screens, such as when using apps, browsers, etc. do rotate properly, but the home screens do not. I did call Verizon tech support and the lady basically told me that there's no way my home screen rotated unless I had an app that made it do that. First, let me say, I AM NOT CRAZY! lol It rotated right out of the box, in the Verizon store, the employees saw it and said how cool it was, my kids and hubby have all seen it do it, this is not just my thought - it really did rotate. So, my question now is - is there any way to make it do it again? Yes, I have the "auto-rotate" option checked. I have restarted numerous times, removed sims and SD cards and replaced, restarted again...what now? I really liked this feature and want it back! Thanks!:happy3: