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Aug 10, 2010
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Hi all,

Recently my wife's X has had a problem where neither the Home or Back buttons work. Occasionally when this happens we can click on the Search button, then hit the Back button and all is well for a short time. But the problem keeps returning. Is this likely a software problem that a Factory Reset will fix or is the phone hosed ?


Hmm could be a few things. Did you ever get water near the buttons? Might've shorted something out. A factory reset only wipes user data, not system data so that won't do anything. Or could be dirt inside the buttons too. Do you have insurance on it?

Well, that's the first thing I asked her - she didn't think so. Anyway, I suppose that using the the Search button could "jog" something in the adjacent Back and Home buttons but my first thought was something software related. So, if there was a messed up app doing a factory reset wouldn't clear that out ? I thought it did...

Alas, no insurance - I believe she's eligible for an upgrade June/July so just may have to tough it out until then.


I don't think its a software or app issue, sometimes hardware just gives out after a while and not much can be done for it. I've seen a few people's Droid Xs (that was weird to put in plural) have buttons do this and eventually just stop working completely.

On the bright side, if the phone has no water damage/damage from being dropped then that means it's probably a factory defect and they'll have to replace it for you depending on how long you've had the device.
Ya the oil from our hands and face creep into the crevices and can cause issues. Which is why I think many manufacturers are switching to soft keys.
Depending what system version your on now you could root your phone and install one of the softkey apps from the market. If your on the latest 4.5.621 update then there's a bit more involved to rooting your phone but otherwise its quick and simple. It won't fix your hardkey buttons but at least it's an option. One of the apps is called button savior and it does work on nonrooted phones but you'll be limited to which buttons will work. I don't think the back button will work but the home button and a few others will. It's free in the market you can check it out. Otherwise like the previous guys mentioned there's not much you can do.

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Button Savior is an awesome app, my first X got water damage and my hardkeys quit working and that app kept my phone usable for several months until I dropped it in a puddle and killed it. Like Savage said, if you aren't rooted the back button won't work, but everything else (Home, Menu, Volume, Camera, Search) will.

Keep in mind that if you're rooted and the hardkeys are permanently broken it'll cause problems for you in CWM

re: last couple

Thanks for the ideas. She's up for an upgrade end of June so:

- first she's going to try Verizon tech and see if they can get them working (I'm not hopeful, but why not). Might they offer up a cheap X refurb in replacement ?
- if that doesn't work then I'll root it (cuz who cares about the warranty at that point) and try out Button Savior

Then she'll upgrade to something else end of June

Thanks again,

Chances are they might offer an early upgrade. If not then ya, just root it!!
Well, I loaded Button Savior and while the new virtual Home button works fine neither the Back nor Settings button work. So, now it's either Root or try the Verizon fix path. I like the idea of going to Verizon and pushing them for an early upgrade - especially since she doesn't appear interested in waiting for something leading edge like the new HTC or Samsung (hey, what can I do ? :happy3:).

Thanks all.
Well good luck with verizon, maybe you'll get lucky and they'll hook you up. Never know till ya try.

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same thing on my droid x

My back and home buttons don't work most of the time either on my droid x. Just started out of the blue. I did a hard reset but still no change. Ended up calling Verizon and getting a replacement.
Thank you for the replies. This saved my phone as I dropped it and damaged the buttons.
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Glad it worked for you and that even older threads can still be useful.

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