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Dec 18, 2011
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Hi all, I've been checking out some of the forums and there appears to be a sharp crowd in here. Glad to be a part of it. I currently run with a Droid2 which is still working fairly well after 18 months. But I do have my eye on the upcoming Droid4. Yeah I likes me them sliders. I also just recently grabbed myself a new Droid tablet which I'm very happy with so far.

Also is there a forum for the new Droid tablets? I can't find anything other than for the Xoom.

See you out there!

sent from Moto Droid XYPad
Hello and welcome!! We are happy to have ya with us...jump in, enjoy, have fun and participate when ya can!
Welcome to Droid Forums Jaroid!!
Welcome to the board! As for other tablet sites, not aware of any, but then again I don't really look for them as I own a Xoom:p