Hi from Fort Myers, FL...What service is best down here?


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Dec 2, 2010
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Hey everybody. Just moved down to Fort Myers, FL from NJ. I currently have TMobile. Up in NJ/NYC it was great...but down here in Fort Myers the service is AWFUL on my BB Bold 9700!

So which carrier do you use/have used in the past? Opinions on who to switch to? I'm currently stuck between Verizon or Sprint

Thanks in advance!

I dont live there, but if you're torn between Sprint and Verizon, I say stick with Big Red. I've driven across the country more times than I can count, and I always have the best service with Verizon.
Yea I used to have Verizon a few years ago in NJ but switched bc Verizon was a lot more expensive then other carriers. I'm considering switxhing back if I find the service is better than what I have now
Welcome to the forum. I dont know about sprint, but I think you have at least few days to try verizon without any fees if you decide not to use them.