Hi everyone!


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Oct 25, 2010
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Hey everyone

Stumbled upon this site while googling stuff about apps and how to make extend my battery life. Hoping to learn some good stuff here, I've enjoyed it so far. Thanks!

Welcome!! there's tons of info in here, on just about any subject you could think of. you'll also find plenty of people will to help and share ideas/info - don't hesitate to post and ask questions!

I would point you to the Droid Discussions section (for all things Droid), as well as the Droid Apps section. Then, we also have a separate section devoted entirely to the D2, with several subforums.

browse around and stick around; but most of all, enjoy!! :)
Welcome. If the droid is drug, then here is your dealer. Have fun.

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Welcome. This is an excellent place to learn new things to unleash the power of Droid.

Jim.... love your post lol.

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Thanks guys! Everyone seems great here and willing to help, it's always nice to find a good community online.

And the Droid has been a drug lately... My girlfriend asked if in the contract it was required to have my Droid attached to my hands at all times...
yes it is! it's in a print that wives/girlfriends/significant others are unable to read. ;)
Yes! Tell your girlfriend the is a new terms that divorce attorneys are using "Droid Aholich" and "Droid Addicted" My wife looks at me like I have three heads as asks "what are you doing now"