Hey spaz, Optical delusion flash?


Mar 31, 2011
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Assuming i have .340 sbf and optical delusion, would u suppose it will work with any ubuntu version, im kinda in the stone age with 2.8ubuntu
I haven't heard of using Optical Delusion. Google sbf_flash, it should work on any and is easy to use.

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Its way down the list under one of the sbf problem threads, it is for linux machines makin sbf a snap. However, I have successfully sbf'd back stock through windows in fear of what I read this morning from p3 about tracking down the root users. Terrible news for the future. It right here in the droid x roms list

One thing about that.... 1)if they're already tracking then sbf won't remove you from that list. 2) no one, including p3, knows what the carriers are going to do. For all we know they may not do anything so sbf'ing because of that is, imo, pointless.

Already knew it was for linux, I suggested it because you said you were on ubuntu.

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was this thread directed at me? i have never heard of optical delusion but if you need a linux sbf method in the future i have a few really good links.
Damn if I can find it now, but I saw a thread this morning about someones sbf probs, I was positive u (spaz) were in agreement with another over optical delusion tool with ubuntu makin sbf easier than windows...then somehow I confused it mentioning linux on accident, but none of it matters now as windows got me back to stock in a jiffy, peace

yeah i do remember that thread, i use ubuntu 10.10 myself, i just don't remember optical delusion.
There was a link to it, while ur there,what of this root trackin crap, r the powers that b doing it already, or is it part of the next update, seems like if they caught us they would hav notified, ne way that's why im bak to stock, in case they havnt