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Mar 22, 2011
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Hey everybody. I've been using this site for a while, so I decided that I should sign up. I have a Droid X that I got last August. It is rooted and running Liberty 1.5. It is my first smartphone and I love it. I had a ipod touch for a year before that and I love the freedom of the Android OS.

Yesterday my 65 year old dad got his first smartphone and he got... a DROID X! I'm showing him the ropes and he is really liking the device.

We got the DX at Costco for $50 plus $15 tax on the $150 original price, no activation fees. So it was $65 out the door and they gave him headphones, the kickstand case and a car charger too.

I payed $200 plus $50 tax from the original $500+ price, when I got the phone from Verizon last August.

Oh this video is funny.
[video=youtube;rTUwqxHpXMY]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rTUwqxHpXMY&feature=player_embedded]YouTube - MAH01434[/video]