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Jun 13, 2011
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This is one popular place! I have lurked around here for about 6 months now trying to figure out what phone I should get from big red. I have finally came to the conclusion that maybe I should just ask here! I have been eligible for an upgrade since march, but I was waiting out for the Bionic which obviously didnt work out. So please help me out on figuring out what phone I should get.

I will be able to get 4g shortly so I have basically narrowed my search down to that. Here is some conclusions I have come to, but please land blast me if I am incorrect.

- HTC TB: I love the look and feel of this phone. The talk of reboots and horrible battery life concern me a lot. Should I be less concerned?

- LG Rev: I thought this was going to be the answer to my problems. But honestly the phone feels somewhat cheap and a 5mp camera seems like an easy way out. I also hate bing.

- Droid Charge: I honestly have not heard a lot of bad things about this phone except that it looks kinda odd and the user interface looks out dated.

Please any advice, opinions, or feedback you can give me might help me finally decide. Thanks for the awesome place everyone!
Welcome! Glad you finally joined us. When a member seeks input on what phone to purchase I always suggest making a visit to a VZW store and test drive several different phones because one will jump out to you. You appear to have done your homework. I suggest going back to VZW and play with the three you listed. Additionally, I suggest looking at the sections in this Forum as well as our sister Forum Android Forum and HTC Thunderbolt Forum to see what folks that own these phones have to say.

Several of our colleagues here have the TB and have tweaked sufficiently to remove the concerns you listed.

Hope this is helpful.

welcome to the forum and I agree, hands on at a VZW Store is the only way to get a feel for a device. but all these has it's pros and cons. good luck. any phone u get im sure u will love.

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