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Feb 15, 2010
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I've used WugFreshes toolkit on two seperate GNs and on both I cannot get TWRP to work. I get into recovery, wipe cache, davlik and system, install a ROM and it will NEVER boot. I get past the Google screen to the Nexus boot animation and it just sits there forever. What am I doing wrong? Any help or suggestions are much appreciated.
Did you make sure the md5 numbers were correct?

Sometimes the first bootup can take up to 10min after flashing a new ROM. If after 10min it doesn't boot still I would try re-flashing it.
MD5 was good and I've waited up to 30 minutes on several occasions hoping it would go through. Tried reflashing several times, no dice. I recalled on my last GN that I ended up installing ROM Manager and putting CWMR on it that way. No problems from then on. Thats what I've done on this GN as well. Not sure what I was doing wrong but it was frustrating.
Do you still have ROM Manager with TWRP as the recovery? May be some issues with that. Also did you download the latest TWRP?
Not really sure what you're asking here. I've got ROM Manager still installed and has install or update with CWMR listed and below it shows recovery already installed and has CWMR and TWRP listed. I really don't know what that means or if that will cause some problems. Maybe you can enlighten me.

As for TWRP I just used the version that was installed by Wugfresh's toolkit.
Try grabbing the goo manger app from the market... Hit menu... And click install open recovery script.. That will download and install the latest twrp version... See if that helps your problem

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